Weekly planner and shopping list

Hello, new here!
Is there anyway you can drag recipes names to the planner or do you have to write down all of your recipes and then enter one by one. i seem to be going back and forth between recipes and planner. then what happens with the shopping list? is it automatic or do I enter that individually.

Thank you
Fiona :smile:

Hey Fiona!

Unfortunately if you are wanting to select the recipes in your own order, there isn’t a way to autogenerate this in the template. I would recommend either having 2 computer windows open on your screen, or printing it out to have both shopping list & meal planner in front of you. Then as you go you can fill both templates out.

Sky x

Hi Sky, Im new here and just tried playing with the planner and grocery list. Is it something you are looking at upgrading to click on a recipe and it auto generates into shopping list etc for your weeks planning?

Hey Kate!

Welcome :star_struck:

This is something we’re wanting to have happen with our BARE app. It is currently in progress and has taken longer than expected to create :frowning: when it is live however, Leah will definitely be posting all about it!!

Sky x