Planners and Shopping Lists are not showing recommended template only example template


I’ve just signed up to Bare Lean and I’m super excited to get started. I’ve logged in, completed all the tasks and have gone to the BARE Weekly Planners & Shopping Lists. Next to ‘Customise’ the option is Download Example Templates but not the option to download Recommended Template.

I was of the understanding that this would be pre-worked out for me so that I can just download and do - without thinking.

If anyone could let me know if I’m missing something?


Hey Steph!
In BARE Guides > The Example Templates are the weekly pre-filled meal plans + exercise examples we’ve provided :slight_smile: The customised option is for you to decide what you’d like to do.

If you’re having trouble accessing this - send us an email to: and we can help further :blush:

Sky x

Hi Sky,

thanks for your quick response, so the example templates have all been worked out to be a calorie deficit for me? If I need to change so there is no seafood for example, I would then use the custom template and have to re-write all of it?

Is there an option to use the recommended template and only change a few meal options?