Calorie Counting

Hi guys!
I’ve just downloaded the program and i am writing my meal plan now, how do i know how many calories im consuming per meal?

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Hi Nateeka!

In regards to the calories of the guide, BARE Lean’s goal is to educate the BARE community about healthy eating and show you how easy it is to create healthy habits that are sustainable for life. However, If you do want to look into this deeper, we recommend popping a few meals into a reputable calculator (easy diet diary is the closest one that is based on ‘foodworks’, which we have used to develop recipes) and from there you will be able to see a rough breakdown on what you’re meals are based around. As for the Macros across the day and within the recipes, we have used the NHMRC recommendations of each meal to be based around 15-25% protein, 20-30% fats and 45-65% carbohydrates.

Additionally, we DO have the macronutrients available for anyone who needs them. Just email us at: and we can send them through to you :blush:

Sky x

Hi Sky,
I have just downloaded the bare lean program and ready to create my meal plan for the coming week. I usually track my calories. So, with this program do I simply chose the meals and plan my own meal plan for the week?

Hi Simone!

Amazing to hear :heart_eyes:BARE Lean is highly flexible so you are in control when it comes to what you eat. We have designed the weekly meal planners to give you as much flexibility and freedom as possible. All portions have been specifically tailored to you and your needs so you can feel comfortable that you are eating the correct portion sizes for your goals.

The guide encourages you to eat 3 main meals and 1 - 2 snacks per day, and provides you with meal planner examples. However, you are free to change or alter these according to your personal food preferences.

You can basically pick any breakfast/snack/main meals you want, for the appropriate time of day! Leah often posts on Instagram how she meal preps for the week, so also feel free to check those videos out. They’re a lot of help!!

If you have any other questions, please email us :slight_smile:

Sky xx