Shopping List Population

It would be great if when populating the customisable meal planner that the shopping list would auto populate (I know this may be a bit of work and not possible at the moment)

I am one of those people who tends to forget 1 or 2 ingredients when populating my shopping list


Hellz yeah! Good idea!

Totallllly agree!! It would make planning for the week so much quicker and i wouldn’t have to worry about forgetting to write down ingredients

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YES! that would be amazing! when we select the meal and it adds into our shopping list automatically and then we can delete what we already have off the list after


Yes that would be perfect and way less time consuming!!!

ERMAGHERD … that would be amazing! And, if we can be a little indulgent while we’re at it, increase the number of servings; so if we’re repeating that meal a few times through the week it auto calculates the quantities in the shopping list :raised_hands:t2: :raised_hands:t2: :raised_hands:t2:


This would be great! I remember seeing something on instagram about this. Is this possible now?

I also just assumed that we could click or drag the meal recipe into the calendar, not have to type it. And it would be super awesome if we could just click on the meal in the calendar and it take us right to the recipe. Or am I missing something?

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I reckon that is what will be included in the app in the future. This was just a basic blank form for us to fill out, not dynamic.

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Agree that would be perfect, it took me over an hour to write it all manually

This was the first thing that I thought of when I started to create the meal plan:

  1. Autopopulate shopping list
  2. Select meal from drop down list or something similar, instead of having to type it.
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Hi All, Newbie to Bare Lean just made my purchase…I actually thought this was standard? I had no idea i had to manually calculate the portions on my shopping list…has there been any update on this lately? I’m actually a little disappointed if i must be honest :blush:


Hiya, This is exactly what I wanted when I signed up - a dropdown menu that then auto-populates the shopping list for you. I was disappointed to find that I have to flick to all the recipes and calculate ingredients myself!
For a family holiday I made a basic Excel sheet that had a dropdown menu of the dinners we would cook and who was eating what.
I would love to see this functionality in the future.

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It’ll be a mobile app feature :slight_smile:


It absolutely will be a feature in our mobile app :slight_smile:


Well this is very exciting!

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You get used to populating it all on your own especially as you become familiar with the meals, but HOLY CRAP IT’S GOING TO BE AUTOMATIC IN THE APP!?
Leah, knows what we need guys. Hang in there :ok_hand:t3:


when will the app come out? andwill it be free for us who have already purchased?

We’re still in the early stages of app brainstorming so it won’t be until late 2021. The app will be a seperate product offering so no, unfortunately, it won’t be free for BARE members, it’ll be subscription based so we can add more content and offerings each month. It’ll be bigger & better than BARE currently :slight_smile: <3

Leah xx