Meal planner feedback

It would also be great if the meal planner was part of the dashboard. And saved until you change it, with the option of downloading. I just don’t want to have to download it every week and save it to my computer.


Thanks for your feedback, definitely something we’re considering moving forward :slight_smile:

Leah xx

It would be amazing to have the page not entirely refresh/reload when you save the meal planner and/or shopping list. It was a lot easier for me to add the ingredients to the shopping list while I was scrolling through the recipes to figure out when I was eating for the week.

Anywho! I was so excited to have planned my meals and laid out my shopping list. I went to save my meal planner and was so bummed to see my shopping list wiped out.

Also, as others have mentioned, would also be amazing to have the ability to add the meals from your recipes and have the ingredients automatically added (and quantity updated if recipe is repeated). I’m a developer and could help with that you need help lol :smiley: