Meal Planner Fail - Individually NOT customised

I have paid for the individually customised meal plan - which has a lot of meals myself or my family wont eat - such as seafood. I feel its not very “individual” in the fact that I wasn’t asked if I ate particular foods or not…? Instead of creating a whole new meal plan (if I wanted to do that, I wouldn’t have purchased Bare Lean) there should be drop down boxes with other alternatives so that 1) I know I am still within the guidelines based on the “individually customised” plan and 2) I don’t have to search through the meal plan to choose a meal. I want simplicity and thought this is what Bare Lean was about. I don’t want to have to spend hours creating a meal plan and thinking about what to eat each day/night…

The meal plan isn’t individual, the recipe quantities themselves are tailored to your caloric intake and nutrition needs. The meal plans are how Leah would eat for a week on Lean. As long as you follow your recommendation (on pg 13 of the guide) - i.e., 1 breakfast, 1 snack, 2 mains, you will fall within your deficit to lose weight.


I would like to know where is this guide you talk about? because i only see ¨The BARE Guide & BARE Resources¨ (page 13 is just challenge 1 for workout, i have the BARE Weekly Planners & Shopping Lists, and the BARE Lean Workouts & Recipes, and page 13 there is no info tailored to me or my needs. could you please help me? Thank you

Hi Carly,

BARE Lean has individual portion sizes tailored to YOU and YOUR energy requirements, which is based off of your onboarding questionnaire answers.

We don’t claim to customise to food preferences or food groups, however, we do have swaps & alternatives charts within the guide that will help you make food group swaps if you don’t like seafood and would like to replace that with another source of protein :slight_smile:

I hope this helps & makes sense and you enjoy the delicious food in BARE Lean!

Leah xx


In your Bare guides on the portal, you should have this one

I think you’re looking at the workouts and recipes pg 13, that is the challenge exercise. The Guide and Resources page 13 is this: