Cooked vs uncooked ingredient portions

I would love it if the recipes that include carbs/grains (pasta, rice, quinoa etc). included portion sizes for cooked ingredients. I have been making those ingredients in bulk for the week and when I go to plate them, I’m not sure how much Xgrams of uncooked pasta translates to Xgrams of cooked pasta, for example.

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Yep I also have had this trouble as well (new to BARE lean but have done similar meal plans for a couple of years through challenges) I always cook in bulk and often my partner is happy to eat the meals but wants a much larger portion of pasta or whatever so I have no idea how much is my portion once cooked. I did just notice on my meal plan that they have the cooked and uncooked weights for the carb/grains though? Still can be tricky with the meat and veg though!

Can get tricky!

What we have been doing is keeping track of how much we are increasing the recipe by.

For example, if we are making 4 servings (4 times all of the ingredients), once it’s all cooked I plop it on my food scale and divide the weight by the number of intended servings-in this example I would divide by 4. The I know about how many grams of meal I should be eating. I also think we can use our best judgement.

I’m interested in hearing how everyone else figures it out.


I struggle with this also as i cook for our family of 5 and all our portions vary (3 kids) it’s a bit off a stuff around to have to weigh everything when cooked to see how big my portion should be.
Everything we’ve had so far has been delicious though!