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Hi there,

Absolutely loving the whole program, so well thought out and excellent resources , recipes and exercises. I was just searching recipes for the week and thought it would be great to have a search function on the site. For example, I have lots of rice or a rotisserie chicken . You type it in and it highlights each known recipe. Would be great for any upcoming app of the program and a favourites button for recipes or workouts. Thanks for always being awesome :slight_smile: xx


Hi Team,

It would be great in the measurement section to include a notes section where we can jot down mental reminders where our measurements were taken - eg big mole on left thigh or 15cm from elbow, just so we can be consistent every 2 weeks

I second this - I love that I can re-download my purchased guides from the member portal - but would love to be able to search the recipes by ingredient or see all the recipes I have available to me - regardless of the guide, because these days I find myself pulling from all the guides, but one list of snacks might be easier (like an index - with an active link to the recipes I have purchased - and, for any I haven’t purchased, though I currently have all the guides, a link to purchase the guide). Even better if it can incorporate the recipes from the blog! I keep meaning to sit down and do this, like in Excel, but just not able to find the time on my side.